Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme Symptoms Profile InterviewPre-Programme

  • Initial meeting & assessment with potential client (and/or caregiver or partner) to talk about the Programme the and expected outcomes
  • Encourage reading of “The Gift of Dyslexia”, by Ron Davis (available as a”Talking Book”)
  • Initial Consultation to obtain information about the client which will assist in planning the Programme
  • MOTIVATION and a willingness to self-manage are key factors in the outcome of the Programme, and is a determining  factor in accepting to undertake the Programme.


The Programme

  • The Programme is facilitated on a one-to-one basis, for 30 hours, over 5 or more days
  • The Programme starts at 9am, with a lunch break around 12 Noon.  It is expected that the client will go ‘off-site’ for lunch.  The day finishes at 4pm (or earlier, depending on age of client).  Breaks are taken regularly throughout the day
  • A comprehensive Kit is supplied
  • Support training – one day of the Programme is devoted to support training, so the programme can be continued at home with a parent/caregiver/partner



  • Ongoing work at home includes using the Programme Tools (Release, Dial, and Koosh), the Reading Exercises, and Word Mastery  (including Trigger words and any others the client wishes to master).
  • Phone and Email support – ongoing, and at no extra charge
  • Reviews – there will be three Programme reviews (at 1 month; 2 months and 3 months after the Programme)

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