Attention Mastery Programme for ADD & ADHD Solutions ADD & ADHD Solutions

“Actually the act of correcting a problem is the act of establishing order” – Ron Davis

  • Drug-free Solution for ADD and ADHD clients
  • Ages 8 years – Adult
  • Gives the client an understanding of their own behaviour and how it affects others
  • Must be MOTIVATED and prepared to take responsibility for the Programme
  • Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme is completed first to ensure accurate perception
  • Tools for Focus, Relaxation and Energy Levels
  • Mastery of Basic Concepts (Self, Consequence, Change, Cause, Effect, Before, After, Time, Sequence, Order, Disorder )
  • Support Training

davis-dyslexia-reading-programme-kitDavis Attention Mastery Programme Clay Concept "Self"Davis Attention Mastery Programme Clay Concept "Change"

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