Carolyn Marshall

Carolyn Marshall Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator - Wellington, Kilbirnie, Seatoun, Strathmore, Miramar, Newtown, Lyall Bay

It was while I was working in a School Office that I became aware of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme.  My husband and oldest son both have dyslexia, and they have both completed a Programme.  My youngest son has Asperger’s Syndrome.

I began training in 2007, attending Basic and Advanced Workshops, completing Assignments and a personal Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme.  I then took part in three Training Pods to ‘polish’ my facilitation and support training skills.  I am now a Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator.

I enjoy working with clients of all ages, recognising and encouraging their creativity, but also facilitating them to utilise tools and strategies which will assist them with their reading, maths and focus.   Please contact me for an obligation-free meeting to discuss which Davis™ Programmes best suit your needs or those of someone in your family.   I am based in Wellington NZ. working predominantly in Seatoun, Miramar, Strathmore, Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay and Newtown areas.

Where to find me in Wellington

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